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Hi there friends!

Welcome, welcome, to our website! We are so thrilled that you are here checking us out,  and we hope you’re enjoying our site!

My name is Heidi Snell,  from Boise, Idaho, and let’s just say the wedding industry is a passion of mine. Oh forget that! I’m crazy about weddings!

Like most young girls, I always fantasized about my wedding day- from the centerpieces to the guests, to the cake. So at the age of 23, when i got married, I decided it was time to leverage this interest of mine into a viable business. Throughout all of my research and experience, I realized one thing: no one was paying enough attention to the chairs.

Five years later, here we are- the perfect wedding chair rental business for all of Southern Idaho. While it has taken an abundance of hard work, our company has proven over and over again there is no better solution to the age old question of “Where is everyone going to sit?”

So thanks again for your support, we greatly appreciate it. If you have any comments, questions, or just want to chat, reach out to me here! I look forward to hearing from you!