Stack Right Chairs: Your Go-To Wedding Chair Rental Shop

Weddings are notoriously difficult to plan. That holds true whether you and your betrothed are planning a simple wedding on the lawn or a spectacularly elaborate one, complete with a cathedral service and a dancehall reception. Here at Stack Right Chairs, we make it our goal to simplify a big step of your wedding planning, one that is all too often overlooked. That’s right: the chairs!

Get Situated

Situated right in the heart of Boise, Idaho, Stack Right Chairs is well equipped to handle all of your seating needs. Are you anticipating a small wedding and reception? How about a massive, elaborate wedding with a blowout reception to rival even the grandest of Hollywood after parties? Or perhaps you’re somewhere along the spectrum, between the smallest and largest events. Maybe you want a small wedding and a boisterous reception for hundreds. No matter your needs, we’ll help you get SITuated!

For your simple, less elaborate wedding, we have understated folding chairs in a variety of colors, though white is obviously the most popular. And the more elaborate you want, we can step it up to suit your tastes. We have cushioned chairs, wood chairs, dazzling embellished chairs, etc. And we offer all the extras: cushions, fabric seat covers, ribbon and tulle. We can even coordinate with your decorator and florist to adorn our premium Stack Right Chairs to enhance your custom wedding décor.

From Start to Finish

Stack Right Chairs will deliver, set up and arrange the chairs you order. At the end of your big day, you don’t have to worry over cleanup. While you’re off starting your new life as a married couple, we’ll take down and return the chairs ourselves. It’s all part of one easy, convenient package.

Wedding chairs are a commonly forgotten detail in wedding planning. You’re busy; your betrothed is busy. Even your family and bridesmaids are all likely busy assisting in the planning. You probably remembered the seating arrangements. After all, everyone knows that if you seat Aunt Matilda next to her ex and his new wife, your wedding and reception will be filled with fireworks of a variety you don’t want on your big day! But did you remember the actual chairs?

Get in Touch

Make sure you get in touch with us for any information you need or to request help with your big day. If you’re even struggling with your seating arrangements, let us help you with that, too. We’re here to make your big day as easy and stress-free as possible.